Sunday, March 6, 2011

Established chain rethinks design

Looking at the picture on the right, one would think its the next high modern boutique hotel. But, would you have guessed that its a new design concept for Motel 6? Yes, that's right, Motel 6!! This is a new design concept being studied by the chain on how to bring their properties into the new century. Code named "Phoenix", the new looks nothing like the typical motel 6.   The property being updated is the original Motel 6 in Santa Barbra.  Gone is the floral bed spread, plain walls and outdated furnishings. Here you see bright colors, modern furnishings and high modern design. You will also have a 32" flat screen TV,  Wifi and a lobby with 24/7 "food and beverage market" Its still very simplistic and efficient, yet very new and almost......dare i say.........inviting. Can revamping a brand that is synonymous with cheep, ugly and bare minimal by adding this new design make people more accepting with staying at a Motel 6? I would for sure try out this room for a night and see if the revamped product is everything the picture shows. Would you try it out?


  1. Sure, I'd give it a go. Great post, thanks for sharing this news! They definitely needed to do something!

  2. It looks a lot better than what it usually looks like. Plus it has a more comfortable less creepy feel to it!