Sunday, April 17, 2011

A road block!

How do you design around something you have no interest in doing? I mean we all need health care, but I find this topic to be dry at times. Perhaps there is a way to get interested in this field of design. Somebody know anything that helped them? I have never once been to a health care facility that screamed enjoy me!

P.S. Constructions Documents.............Enough Said!


  1. I always try and find images online that may have interesting aspects to them. Healthcare facilities are extremely boring, but you can add little touches that make it fun and not so boring to design.

  2. I kind of find it boring at times too. But I once went into this amazingly designed hospital when my mom went into surgery and it really made me rethink about the whole topic. I think if you find some interesting designs.. or talk with people who use the facilities you might find something that sparks your fancy.

  3. You should design your health care facility to look like it's not a health care facility at all. Then people who hate hospitals and the feel they tend to have would love to visit your designed space!