Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fayetteville Family Health Clinic

After hours upon hours upon hours, I finally had my design for the health care clinic finalized and ready for the client(Jenn) to see. However, because of technical difficulties, we were not able to present. So I thought it worthy of putting it up on my blog for people to see. The following is a brief description of each variation for the design. In this design project, we touched on the subject of budget which at the time was very much still new to us.

This is option one, which is my lower end option. It features soft materials, bright colors, and functional spaces all on a lower end budget. This is a rather small clinic with only one doctor, one nurse practitioner, 2 nurses assistants, a clerk and a receptionist. All furniture is selected to meet our budget, while still trying to convey a sense of design thought space planning and architectural detail. The two perspectives are one of the entry/lobby/reception area and the other one is of the nurses station next to the patient rooms.

The second option is one that features the same principles of the option above, just had a higher finish level and with more architectural detail. The one is of a low end to mid-grade budget level. You will also see that the nurses station is laid out a bit differently for a more interesting space. In each of the perspectives, you still see that while the spaces still very much similar to the ones above, they both feature new and different detail to give them a little more design to them.

The last option is designed with a much higher emphasis on high-end finishes and architectural detail. Each of the patient rooms feature different finishes selected to give them a more personalized feel. Each space has a much more different feel to it than the ones from above. Higher-end finishes complement the higher-end furnishings. In each perspective, you can see a much higher level attention to detail with the light box above the door and the ceiling detail meant to mimic the nurses station below.

These three options represent what I believe are good options for doctors offices. Well designed spaces often lead to more comfortable patients. Because a doctors office can, at times, be high stress environment, its important to give the patients a since of comfort and allow them to relax a bit. Soft finishes, bright colors and good lighting allow the end users to relax a bit more than if they were in a harsh environment.

Stay tuned for finishes selection boards.

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